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Our Mission:

To connect far beyond our ideas of what it means to be connected. Together, to enter a field of collaborative connectedness beyond the individual. To explore and co-discover connectivity within and between all domains of human existence.

Some of us:

Jan Artem Henriksson

Thrive in Complexity

Spencer Honeyman

Integral Facilitator

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Strategic Connector

Elizabeth Debold

One World in Dialogue

Buster Rádvik

Embodied Intimacy

Jascha Rohr

Cocreation Foundation

Amy Edelstein

Inner Strength Foundation

Rachel Stark

Relational Ontologist

Jonathan Klodt


Carlen Young

Serve, Montaia

John Cardone

Being Design

Matthias Schwenteck

Somatic Consent

Julian Baller

Co-Creating Europe

Jamaica Stevens

Tribal Convergence Network

Kaela Atleework


Alistair Langer

Reducing Complexity

Shivani Hawkins

Living Sanskrit

Dustin DePerna

Bright Alliance

Bayo Akomolafe

The Emergence Network

David Gershon

Empowerment Institute

James Redenbaugh


Jeff Carreira

Philosopher and Meditation Teacher

Lauren Tenney

Ten Directions

Kaya Mindlin

SRY Yoga

Chris Larcomb

Holomap & Holoweb

Usha Gubbala

Organizational Designer

Helen Tsim

Thomas Steininger

Radio Evolve

Ryan Fix


Jaymin Patel


Mahmood Nisar

Andwal Consulting

Tyler Blank

Ecstatic Dance

Rebecca Ejo Colwell

Ten Directions

Jason Digges

Authentic Relating Training

Rick Smith

Awakened Leadership

Rommy Gelly

Ryan Allis


Rachel Rickards

Embodied Intimacy

Sheri Hernandon

Eri Kardos

Author, Relationship Coach

Mounira Latrache

Connected Business

Brittney O’Rourke

The first 3 conferences will focus on these 3 main domains of exploration:

Relating with Clarity in Times of Uncertainty

Relational and inter-subjective tools to support communication in times of turmoil. Shared techniques, group practices, and facilitated networking.

Co-Creating Brighter Futures

Collaboration between organizations as a pathway to more generative outcomes. Systems, technology, and methods for cooperative business.

Cultures of

Our connection with what's bigger than us. Exploring and engineering what it means to be a part of collectives, ecologies, cultures, and the Kosmos.

An epidemic of isolation.

In the history of humanity, we have never before been so shut off from physical touch, social interaction, and access to community.   At the same time, we’ve never been so connected virtually. In fact, there are more people online today than there have ever been.  We believe that connectivity is something worth cultivating in all areas of our lives. This conference series is the culmination of our striving for connectivity.

Join the collaboration!

(Registration Coming Soon)

This conference series is designed exclusively for innovative thought-leaders and co-creators who are actively engaged / interested in the domains of human connectivity.

Connect with our network of:

Community Builders
Integral Facilitators
Cultural Creatives
Network Weavers
Intersubjective Coaches
Design Thinkers
Metamodern Pioneers
Grounded Visionaries
Mycelial Mapmakers
Evolutionary Philosophers
Organizational Ecologists
Catalysts for Change

What is unique about this conference series?

Highly Interactive Custom Interface

This is not just another one-time event for a passive audience to sit and watch experts talk for extended periods of time. This is a virtual series designed to share relevant information and applicable tools, as well as to re-create the social and interactive components of an in-person conference. Each weekend in the series includes frequent audience break-outs, highly involved workshops, and facilitated networking opportunities. In between each conference, there will be various options for staying connected and maintaining virtual intimacy with other speakers and participants.

Curated Participant Holons

Every participant will be placed into a sub-group called a “holon.” These holons will consist of 7-10 participants and 1 guiding facilitator. Holons will be formed based on: timezones, professional compatibilities, and a balance of shared values within diverse backgrounds. The facilitators guiding these group processes are trained graduates from ART (Authentic Relating Training) or (10 Directions) Integral Facilitators program. These groups are the connective backbone of this virtual series, and the connections formed within them are designed to last beyond the conference series itself.

See and Be Seen

All participants of the Connectivity Conference will be given the opportunity to feature their current projects on the “Project Showcase Page”. This directory will allow us to develop awareness of each other’s initiatives and discover opportunities for collaboration and co-creation. In the time between each monthly conference, we encourage all of our speakers and participants to explore and learn more about each other’s impact in the world.

Do you have something to offer within our domains of exploration?
Interested in joining the team? Apply for a worktrade Scholarship.

Join the collaboration!

(Registration Coming Soon)